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1892 Intercolonial Championships

28 May, Bulimba Reach Brisbane River QLD

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1892 programme


Organising Committee & Officials

Organising Committee: Queensland Rowing Association. Joshua T Bell (Chairman), F J Purney (Honorary Treasurer), Philip L Frankel (Honorary Secretary).
Starter: Reginald H Roe
Umpire: George E Markwell
Judge: Hon A S Cowley MLA
Timekeeper: L Flegeltaub

16th Men's Intercolonial Eight-Oared Championship

Distance: 2 3/4 mile
Time: 15.05
Margins; 1/2 length with Queensland some way back.

1st VIC – Bow: W H Hatch, 2: Arthur J Shepherd, 3: A H James, 4: D Christie, 5: F J E James, 6: W A Adams, 7: J A Brotherton, Str: R B "Bob" Nicolson, Cox: A E Hobson, Cch: W Bray. Average weight 11st 10lb.
2nd NSW – Bow: R W Thomas, 2: Henry Y Braddon, 3: John Degotardi, 4: A H Aldworth, 5: Walter Moore, 6: B Sawyer, 7: Horace C Waters, Str: Frederick C Moore, Cox: J (Sid) Hellings, Cch: Nick Johnson, Mgr: Arthur Holmes, Selectors: C Dobson, N Johnson and W Martin. Average weight 11st 11lb.
3rd QLD – Bow: F J Hickie, 2: F W Gore, 3: B J Beirne, 4: A J Westaway, 5: Arthur H G Drury, 6: Colin B P Bell, 7: E Colclough, Str: R T Hilder, Cox: Dan E Joyce, Emergs: Frank Lyons & J S Jessop, Cchs: J T Bell & R H Roe. Average weight 11st 7lb.

VIC Men's Eight crew

Victorian Men's Crew

This was the last Victorian crew selected by George Upward’s committee. It stood aside following the adoption of an amateur status definition at the intercolonial conference of 1888. The Queensland crew drew the worst station and combined this with a bad start to never be in the race. The Victorian and New South Wales crews had a great race.

Men's Intercolonial Sculling Championship

Distance: 2 3/4 mile
Time: 19.36.0
Margins: 4 lengths and 1.5 lengths

1st QLD no 1 - Michael J Slack
2nd NSW – William Lambert
3rd NSW - William J Goulding
QLD no 2 did not finish - J B Johnston

Slack of Queensland also took the effort to travel to Melbourne to take the Victorian Championships in 1892. Perhaps his win convinced the Victorians to stay at home rather than travel to Queenland to compete?

NSW sculler W Lambert

NSW Sculler
William Lambert

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