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1894 Intercolonial Championships

12 May, Yarra River VIC

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1894 programme cover

Programme Cover


Organising Committee & Officials

Organising Committee: Victorian Rowing Association - Henry Gyles Turner (President), J M Semmens (Honorary Secretary), W A Jones (Honorary Assistant Secretary), W B House (Honorary Secretary).
Starter: W R Horsburgh
Umpire: Edward Carlile
Judge: J J Haverty
Timekeeper: J R Rowland

oarmen's picnic

Oarsmen's Picnic

NSW coach, Lou Quist, is eighth from the right in the white pants.

18th Men's Intercolonial Eight-Oared Championship

3 mile 100 yds
Margins: 4 lengths and easily
Time: 16:41.6

1st VIC – Bow: J Maher, 2: Charles Donald, 3: Charles W Horsburgh, 4: Alex B Sloan, 5: Harold Lindgren, 6: Edward Powell, 7: Alex Chamley, Str: James Donald, Cox: G F M Horsburgh, Emerg: J W Begg, Cch: W H T Davis. Average weight 11st 1lb.
2nd NSW – Bow: William J Goulding, 2: Edward A Pearson, 3: Charles R Keenan, 4: A H Aldworth, 5: Allan Ramsay, 6: Horace C Waters, 7: George G Higgs, Str: Frederick C Moor, Cox: Sid Hellings, Cchs: Lou Quist and E I Robson, Emerg: H G Williams, Mgr: Arthur Holmes, Average weight 11st 7lb.
3rd QLD – Bow: J Davidson, 2: W Gordon Graham, 3: J H Williams, 4: Andrew Thynne, 5: Arthur H G Drury, 6: A Young, 7: E Colclough, Str: B J Beirne, Cox: F Hawson, Emerg: T Skinner, Cch: Mr Garrick. Average weight 11st 2lb.

The margin between second and third is not known but was described as bad and never in it. The Victorian drew away and won well. The time was considered as excellent.

NSW crew

The NSW Crew

Photograph appearing in The Sydney Mail, Saturday 26 May 1894.
Back L-R: A Holmes (Hon Sec RA), CL Quist (coach), AH Aldworth (4), HG Williams (emergency), W Goulding (bow), FC Moores (stroke). Front L-R: CR Keenan (3), GG Higgs (7), S Hellings (cox), A Ramsay (5), H Waters (6), EA Pearson (2).

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