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Interstate Championships

2 May 1903, Yarra River VIC

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commemorative plaque

Commemorative Plaque


27th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship—The King's Cup

Distance: 2 1/2 miles
Time: 14:27.8
Margin: 4 lengths

1st VIC - Bow: J A Williams, 2: F Bainbridge, 3: R W May, 4: M G Scott, 5: Eric W Tulloch, 6: Charles Donald, 7: Alex Chamley, Str: James Donald, Cox/Cch: Jim M Macfarlane, Selectors: Arthur J Shepherd, Edward R Ainley & Jim M Macfarlane
2nd QLD - Bow: Dan E Joyce, 2: W V Morley, 3: H A Montefiore, 4: W P Watts, 5: R C Campbell, 6: T P Volkmann, 7: A H Hawkes, Str: J H Williams, Cox: C H Hall. Emerg: B Papi, Cch: S B Boland
3rd SA - Bow: H H Mildred, 2: F W Porter, 3: R F Richardson, 4: R A Anderson, 5: Max A Fotherington, 6: David Blyth, 7: James H Gosse, Str: Alf J Grayson, Cox: Vivian Smith, Emerg: George McEwin, Cch: Arthur Nicholls
4th NSW - Bow: William J Middleton, 2: C W Nicholson, 3: R E Milsop, 4: Oscar Herbert Craig, 5: Charles M Moesch, 6: Michael G Cater, 7: Walter J Furlong, Str: Roger B Fitzhardinge, Cox: Lou Quist, Emerg: J W Farrar, Cchs: George E Upward & Edward A Pearson
5th WA - Bow: R E Joyce, 2: Horace Edwards, 3: W S Cox., 4: G Wallis, 5: Lester Jones, 6: K Messer, 7: George Houston, Str: Charles B Brady, Cox: G O "Ponk" Bailey, Emerg: G Amess, Cchs: C H Powell & Paddy Ryan

This was the tenth win in succession for the Victorian crew They led early from Queensland and New South Wales. South Australia pushed through New South Wales by the half way mark and that is how the field finished.

NSW men's crew

1903 NSW Crew

NSW supporters

1903 NSW Eight and Supporters

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship—The President's Cup

Distance: 2 1/2 miles
17 min 25 secs
Margins: 3, 3 and 2 lengths

1st TAS - T Harrison Bourke
2nd VIC no 1 - Percy C Ivens
3rd NSW - John J Daley
4th VIC no 2 - Harold D Brasch

The Sculling race was won easily by the Tasmanian Thomas Bourke who moved through the field by half way and the race was effectively over.

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