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Interstate Championships

13 May 1905, Parramatta River NSW

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1905 programme cover

1905 Programme Cover


Boat Race Committee & Regatta Officials

Boat Race Committee:
Quarton L Deloitte, President NSWRA
John Blackman, Treasurer NSWRA
R S Maynard, Secretary NSWRA
Committee Members: Allan Ramsay, John (Jack) Hughes, J McGregor, R R Ferrier, Victor Horniman, J T Sheehan, Ernest E Keary

NSW President Q L Deloitte

Starter: Mr K F Giltinan
Umpire: Mr Quarton L Deloitte
Judge: Mr J Degotardi
Timekeeper: Mr Albert E Nash

The Parramatta River, 1905

The Parramatta River at Gladesville in 1905

29th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship—The King's Cup

Distance: 3miles 167yards
Time: 16.25
Margins: 1, 6, 0.25 and 0.5 lengths

1st VIC - Bow: C E Tulloch, 2: W Heath, 3: H Rowe, 4: J Wright, 5: Henry J Whiting, 6: Charles Donald, 7: Alex Chamley, Str: James Donald, Cox & Cch: Jim M Macfarlane, Selectors: E R Ainley, J M Macfarlane, T Davies
2nd TAS - Bow: Spencer Pedder, 2: Martin C Bonniwell, 3: Andrew Forsyth, 4: Dan Munro, 5: Charles B Whiteside, 6: J Steele, 7: Keith Heritage, Str: Percy R Beauchamp, Cox: H Steward, Cch: James Coogan
3rd NSW - Bow: Edward West Marriott, 2: R Tucker, 3: J G Eastmure, 4: Oliver J Cooper, 5: S C Wickham, 7: Walter J Furlong, Str: Rollo N Bray, Cox: C Lou Quist, Cch: Jack McGregor
4th WA - Bow: L Henderson, 2: William Witte, 3: Robert E Joyce, 4: W Dawes, 5: G Wallis, 6: W J Farrar, 7: W Crawford, Str: H B Stone, Cox: G O "Ponkey" Bailey, Cchs: Horace J G Edwards & Paddy J Ryan
5th SA - Bow: Harold H Dutton, 2: F W Porter, 3: John R Muirhead, 4: Walter Rupert Reynell, 5: P W Kennedy, 6: W Nation, 7: James H Gosse, Str: Alf J Grayson, Cox: Ken Sharp, Cch: W H G Blain, Mgr: J J Sharp, Selectors: Arthur Nicholls & H Skiffington
6th QLD - Bow: S C V Jessup, 2: M Byrne, 3: H Eddy, 4: T Anderson, 5: W V Markwell, 6: W P Watts, 7: H A Montefiore, Str: J H Williams, Cox: Win Fowles, Cch: Arthur Burton, Emergs: J M Grant & V M Markwell

The eights race was a great battle between Tasmania and Victoria. These crews led the rest of the field by a length after only 1/4 mile. Victoria moved through to take the lead but Tasmania fought throughout the race. It is noted that the sculling race was conducted from Abbotsford to Ryde and the eights race the other way.

1905 Victorian Eight

Back row: J W Wright, H Rowe, Henry Whiting, T Davies (selector)
Front row: C Tulloch, W Heath, James Donald, Alex Chamley, Charles Donald
Front: James M Macfarlane

Commemorative Certificate issued by NSW Rowing Association for the Men's Eight Championship

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship—The President's Cup

Distance: 3miles 167yards
Time: 20.33.75

1st TAS no 1 - T Harrison Bourke
2nd TAS no 2 - Robin Evans
3rd VIC - Percy C Ivens
WA did not finish - Horace J G Edwards

In the sculling race, Edwards started but retired early in the race. Bourke led from the start.

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