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Interstate Championships

30 Apr 1910, Derwent River TAS

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1910 programme

1910 Programme Cover


Organising Committee & Officials

Organising Committee: Tasmanian Rowing Union
President: Sir John S Dodds KCMG
Vice-Presidents: Hon R J Lucas & Mr F N Clarke
Hon Treasurer: H J McConnon
Hon Sec: Thomas S Nettlefold
Committee: J O Lord, E Norman, T E Self, E Sorell, R H Smith, J Todd
Starter: Mr J E C Lord
Umpire: Mr Justice Nicholls
Timekeeper: Mr J H Sharp
Course & Race Stewards: Messrs E Sorell, H McDonald, H E Risby
Clerk Of Scales: Mr L Norman

Tasmanian Rowing Union Committee

Tasmanian Rowing Union Committee of 1910

34th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship—The King's Cup

Distance: 3 miles
Time: 15.27
Margins: 4 & 3 lengths

1st NSW - Bow: Oscar A Ireland, 2: E Roy Barker, 3: A B Doyle, 4: Sidney A Middleton, 5: Harry Hauenstein, 6: J Parkinson, 7: Keith B Gaden, Str: H K Ward, Cox: Robert G K "Ken" Waley, Cch: William J Middleton, Emerg: J Edward Donaldson, Mgr: Alex Thomson, Sole Selector: Roger Fitzhardinge
2nd VIC - Bow: D Laird, 2: William L B Anketell, 3: George F Logan, 4: D Cunningham, 5: F Johnson, 6: C H Kohn, 7: Edwin E James, Str: James Donald, Cox: J H Counihan, Emerg: Stanley A Guinn and J A Dobbie, Cch: Charles Donald & George Upward, Selectors: Arthur J Shepherd, J M Macfarlane & J A Williams, Mgr: Edward Kenny
3rd TAS - Bow: F A Easton, 2: Dan Munro, 3: A Phillips, 4: P Wicks, 5: Jack Woodhouse, 6: William Needham, 7: Keith Heritage, Str: Fred Cloverdale, Cox: Claude Coogan, Cch: George McKenzie, Emerg: Martin C Boniwell
4th WA - Bow: Arthur Macartney, 2: A R White, 3: Jack Hill, 4: Thomas J Lovegrove, 5: W T Crawford, 6: R T Browne, 7: A F (Carl) During, Str: George Rogers, Cox: Roy Elsgood, Cch: J C Horace Edwards, Mgr: R Browne
5th QLD - Bow: T J Brundritt, 2: A Swensson, 3: W J Mooney, 4: Len Eastman, 5: W Wells, 6: W C Poulson, 7: J G Petrie, Str A A Petrie, Cox: G MacKenzie, Cch: C C Farren, Mgr: W E Savage
6th SA - Bow: T H Peterson, 2: S S Ringwood, 3: H J Jolley, 4: T Stanley Gillespie, 5: C W O Oswald, 6: V A Clutterbuck, 7: J E Osborne, Str: E M Luxmoore, Cox: W S Webb, Cch: E A Wooldridge, Emerg: W G Wigg, Mgr: J J Sharp

The eights race was keenly contested between NSW and VIC with NSW the victors. The first three crews were in essence in one race and a big gap back to the others in another race. The Victorians allowed only 4 weeks to get their crew together and vowed to provide for a longer period in the next year.

The Tasmanian crew was coached by George McKenzie who coached the Southern Tasmanian crew. George originally hailed from Melbourne being a member of the Victorian crew in 1897 and who went onto coach Scots' College in Sydney.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship—The President's Cup

Distance: 2.5 Miles
Time: 16.19.0
Margin: 4 lengths

1st TAS - Cecil L McVilly
2nd VIC - Percy C Ivens
3rd NSW - Arch Priddle

The sculling race was won creditably by McVilly in his first attempt at this event. It was a good race between McVilly and Ivens for most of the race but Priddle was well behind.

Cecil McVilly

Cecil McVilly at Henley in England in 1912

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