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Interstate Championships

25 Apr 1921, Tamar River, Launceston TAS

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Souvenir Issued to Recognise Western Australia's Win of the King's Cup


40th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship—The King's Cup

Distance: 3 mile
Time: 14.37
Margin: 3/4 length and 3 lengths

1st WA - Bow: Arthur H Mettam, 2: James (Jim) R Sharples, 3: James G A Gordon, 4: Arthur L R Sadler, 5: William (Bill) A Browne, 6: James (Jim) A Child, 7: Frank D Slee, Str & sole selector: George E Rogers, Cox: William (Bill) C White, Cch: A F Carl During, Emerg: Victor H Human, Manager: S Charles Short
2nd TAS - Bow: C Burcide, 2: J Courtney, 3: P Wicks, 4: William Needham, 5: Allan A Pitt, 6: Cecil McVilly, 7: Arch Robb, Str: C Dean, Cox: Alf Griggs, Cch: J Coogan Snr
3rd VIC - Bow: R M Erck, 2: J C D'Arcy, 3: C J McCarthy, 4: W C Emerson, 5: J A Jonsson, 6; Jud H Harding, 7: R (Bob) V Gregg, Str: A Spowers, Cox: J Wilson, Emerg: E W Burne, Cch: E Horsburgh, Selectors: Jim M MacFarlane, Arch L Dobbie & M G Scott, Mgr: Edward Kenny
4th SA - Bow: F MCummings, 2: William M Sladden, 3: Walter E H Jarvis, 4: Arthur V Scott, 5: E D Thomas, 6: Gilbert Maurice Penny, 7: Harry E Graetz, Str: Walter H Pfeiffer, Cox: Robert A Cummings, Cch: Edward Higgs
5th QLD - Bow: John Copp, 2: H Hunter, 3: B Axelsen, 4: S Barriskell, 5: D McDowell, 6: C McDowell, 7: E Barcham, Str: H N Goodwin, Cox: D Robertson, Cch: E C Anderson, Emerg: K Baird, Manager: G R H Gill
6th NSW - Bow: John (Jack) McQueen, 2: Cyril Callaghan, 3: Thomas McGill, 4: Gordon F Boyce, 5: George E Hancock, 6:George Robert McKay, 7: H C Taylor, Str: John J Lewis, Cox: W T Parker, Cch: Wally J Furlong, Emerg: Jack Cogle

This was the first win for Western Australia in this event. Western Australia and Tasmania took the lead from the start and after a mile, the the Tasmanians led the field. The Western Australians rowed their way back into the race and taking the winning post 3/4 length ahead of Tasmania with the Victorians two lengths further back and never in the top of the field.

The South Australians were represented by a Murray Bridge crew who were selected without a test race. The SARA Annual Report noted that the crew made a plucky attempt to secure the big race but bad water considerably interfered with their progress and blade work.

1921 Tasmanian Men's Eight

1921 NSW Crew

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship—The President's Cup

Distance: 2.5 miles
No time taken
Margin: 3 lengths

1st TAS - Gordon A Westbrook
2nd VIC - Jas Barton
NSW - Robert Neilson - disqualified

The sculling race was upset by a collision between Neilson & Barton and the race restarted with Neilson disqualified for fouling Barton. Westbrook was ahead at the time of the collision and proved his position by also winning the re-row by two lengths.

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship—The ULVA Trophy

Distance: 3/4 mile
Time: 4.56.0
Margin 2 lengths

1st SA - Bow: N Guerin, 2: Olga Graske, 3: Eva Bulling, Str: Roma Legge, Cox: Mr R A Cummings
2nd QLD - Bow: Christine Buzacott, 2: F Foubister, 3: Gertrude Munce, Str: M Petrie, Cox: Mr W Farmer
3rd TAS - Bow: F Young, 2: J Shelton, 3: M Anderson, Str: B Glenn, Cox: Mr E Websdale, Emerg: O Robinson, Cchs: Mr R Dutton

The women's four race was also of interest with Tasmania the early leaders. They were subsequently passed by both South Australia and Queensland to finish last with South Australia taking a two length win.

On the afternoon of Saturday 2 April 1921 the South Australian Ladies' Rowing Association held a test race to decide who should represent the state in the ladies interstate four-oar event to be rowed at Launceston, Tasmania, on 25 April 1921. A crew selected from metropolitan ladies' clubs was challenged by a crew consisting of N. Guerin(bow), Olga Graske(2), Eva Bulling(3), Roma Legg(stroke) and J. Murphy (cox) from the Port Pirie club.

South Australia crew


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