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Interstate Championships

Women's: 18 Apr 1925, Albert Park Lake VIC
Men's: 2 May 1925, Yarra River VIC

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1925 Certificate for the WA Crew

Amongst the usual civic receptions, theatre nights and other invitations for visiting mens crews, was an invitation by SP bookmaker John Wren to the Stadium.


44th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship—The King's Cup

Distance: 3 Mile
Margin: 2 & then 1/2 length lengths

1st WA - Bow: William (Bill) A Browne, 2: Francis (Frank) H Powell, 3: George Orgill, 4: Arthur Kiesey, 5: A (Steve) McHenry, 6: G A (Gra) Rosser, 7: W Murray Church, Sr: James A Child, Cox Owen Carrick, Cch: Paddy J Ryan
2nd TAS - Bow: N Davis, 2: L Gibson, 3: G Richardson, 4: F Rule, 5: E Elrich, 6: A Philbee, 7: L Smith, Str: L Hallam, Cox: A Griggs, Cch: Cecil McVilly, Mgr: Erskine Watchorn
3rd NSW - Bow: Harold (Harry) Tancred, Cyril B Callaghan, H Les Callaghan, J Einerson, J B Evans, A N Hasemer, J T Mitchell, Angus (Gus) Pfaffin, Joe T Vindin, Cox: Reg J Daly, Cch: Oswald J Wood, Mgr: S A Maxwell
4th SA - Bow: Harry E Graetz, 2: E W Shaw, 3: H D Marshall, 4: Arthur V Scott, 5: H W Doecke, 6: F J Went, 7: Frank M Cummings, Str: Walter H Pfeiffer, Cox: Robert A Cummings, Mgr: J P Marcus
5th VIC - Bow: B C Edwards, 2: H B Kirsch, 3: Herbert Smyth, 4: J C Garran, 5: Colin F Deane, 6: H Jud Harding, 7: W Ray B Todd, Str: John R Jopling, Cox: A J King, Emerg: H Schlichting, Cch: E Horsburgh, Selectors: Arch L Dobbie, W Clift & coach
6th QLD - Bow: B Richmond, 2: N Grimes, 3: G Axelsen, 4: G Young, 5: J Brennan, 6: F R Conn, 7: C J Henricksen, Str: R C Cooper, Cox: W Farmer, Emerg: F Konrad S Hirschfeld, Cch: A A Watson, Manager: C A Grimley

The eights race was magnificent with all States represented. It resulted in a creditable win to Western Australia who reportedly gave a splendid exhibition of rowing with Tasmania second. The race was rowed from the 3 mile 2 chain mark to the 2 chain mark at Queen's Bridge. Victoria started well and took the early lead from WA. WA then took the lead from Victoria and South Australia before the half way mark. However by the half way mark Tasmania had rowed themselves into the lead with WA second. By the two mile mark WA regained the lead and kept it to the finish. The margin between first and second was 2 lengths but the margins between the rest of the field were the closest on record. The field was very much bunched together.

WA men's crew

Winning WA Crew in Melbourne

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship—The President's Cup

Distance: 2 1/2 miles
Time: 17.13.2
Margin: 3/4 length

1st VIC - Arthur H Cambridge
2nd TAS - A W Cuthbertson
3rd SA - H E Ricketts
4th NSW - W C Lorimer
QLD did not finish - Arthur A Baynes

Arthur Cambridge

The Victorian sculler from Bendigo Victoria

The sculling race commenced at the same position as the eights but ended at the 42 chain mark near the docks. Cambridge won in his first attempt at the race. Baynes from Queensland was leading slightly at the end of the first mile but stopped rowing. He had been unwell before the race. Cuthbertson took the lead by the half way mark but Cambridge headed the field with three quarters of a mile to go and went on to win by three quarters of a length.

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship—The ULVA Trophy

Distance 1/2 Mile
No time taken
Margin: 4 & 2 lengths

1st SA - Bow: G O'Malley, 2: M Quin, 3: Adele Hill, Str: J Thomas, Cox: Len Hill
2nd VIC
3rd NSW - Bow: Bess Bagley, 2: Lily Uhr, 3: Iris Pike, Str: Ruby Uhr, Cox: Ossie Rosevear, Cch: Mr Claude Rosevear
4th WA - Bow: D Payne, 2: L Haub, 3: M Chute, Str: L Orme, Cox: Mr H Wren

The South Australians again dominated this event with a four length win.

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