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Interstate Championships

Women's: 9 May 1927, Tamar River TAS
Men's: 7 May 1927, Derwent River TAS

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1927 programme cover

1927 Programme Cover from the Men's Interstate Championships


46th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship—The King's Cup

Time: 16.06
Margin: 2 & 3 lengths

1st WA - Bow: A P (Perc) Ffarington, 2: William (Bill) A Browne, 3: Oscar J Negus, 4: C Matthews, 5: William J (Jim) Pannell, 6: George Bessell-Browne, 7: W Murray Church, Str: A G (Gra) Rosser, Cox: Owen Carrick, Cch: Paddy J Ryan, Mgr: Stanley O'Brien, Emerg: Gil G Whittle
2nd NSW - J P Butler, Cyril B Callaghan, H Les Callaghan, J B Evans, Malcolm G MacKenzie, J T Mitchell, Joe T Vindin, George S Wallis, Cox: Reg J Daly, Emerg: T Hougan, Cch: Oswald J Wood, Mgr: J C Daly
3rd VIC - Bow: T S C Flint, 2: E W Cooke, 3: R Grover Heyward, 4:H W Irvine, 5: W P Austin, 6: E J Farrell, 7: B C Edwards, Str: H A Schlichting, Cox: E W Turner, Emerg: F C Borrmann, Cch & sole selector: E Horsburgh, Mgr: Jimmy P Rorke
4th SA - Bow: E A Bolto, 2: A Elix, 3: F D Heidrich, 4: A F Peterson, 5: R C McKinnon, 6: P J Treveaven, 7: A A Loxton, Str: A Tabe, Cox: Harry Warhurst, Cch: A E Schuetze, Mgr: J P Marcus, Emerg: C R Bock
QLD did not finish - Bow: Johnny Lawrey, 2: Robert Lyndon, 3: A Bragg, 4: James Cullen, 5: Arthur Hassam, 6: Herb Zunker, 7: Percy Feeney, Str: David Young, Cox: Ron Clemence, Emerg: J V Hayden, Cch: William Moller, Manager: G R Howard Gill, Emerg: J V Hayden
TAS did not finish - Bow: E Elrick, 2: I Hay, 3: W Rowe, 4: D Targett, 5: G Richardson, 6: A Filbee, 7: B Beauchamp, Str: J R Hallam, Cox: A Griggs, Cch & Mgr: J Swift, Emerg: H Wilkinson

The TAS & QLD eights were swamped in very difficult conditions. The Victorian and South Australian crew were also swamped but shortly after the race. The WA crew was heartily congratulated on their meritorious victory by two lengths to the NSW crew.

WA men's eight

1927 WA Crew

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship—The President's Cup

Time: 18.10.0
Margin: 20 lengths

1st NSW - Henry "Bobby" Pearce
2nd VIC - Arthur H Cambridge
3rd TAS - Rex Marsh
4th SA - Walter H Pfeiffer

The Victorian Rowing Association Annual Report heartily congratulated "the promising young sculler Mr R Pearce" on his victory. The next year he was to become Olympic Champion.

Bobby Pearce

Bobby Pearce

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship—The ULVA Trophy

Distance: 1/2 Mile
No time taken
Margins: 5 & 1 length

1st SA - Bow: G O'Malley, 2: M Quin, 3: Adele Hill, Str: J Thomas, Cox: Len Hill
2nd TAS - Bow: Winifred Howe, 2: Lucy Guy, 3: Jessie Blyth, Str: Edna Radford, Cox/Cch: Vic Routley
3rd QLD - Bow: J Snodgrass, 2: R Myers, 3: R McHale, Str: A J Flemming

Unlike the men's races, the weather for the women's races was superb. The strong South Australian crew won easily to make it four wins in a row.

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