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Interstate Championships

Men's: 23 Apr 1932, Yarra River VIC
Women's: 14 May 1932, Brisbane River QLD

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1932 programme

1932 Programme Cover from the Men's Interstate Championships

Index to Results

The men's championships were conducted on 23 April 1932 on the Lower Yarra and women's chamionships were conducted on May 14 1932 on the Brisbane River.


King's Cup picnic

1932 King's Cup Picnic at the property of Marcus Bourke

50th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship—The King's Cup

Distance: 3 Miles
Time: 15.19.2
Margins 3, 3, 1, 1 & 4 lengths

1st VIC - Bow: K V Rathauskey, 2: D V Wilson, 3: Stewart J Elder, 4: M Gardner, 5: Jack South, 6: Lachlan J Thompson, 7: Ben S Thompson, Str: Alex W McLeish, Cox: C Brennen, Emerg: F Ruglin, Cch: Walter N Ricketts, Mgr: T L Mannix, Selectors: G Anderson, Ray W B Todd & coach
2nd NSW - Bow: Allan J Bodman, 2: J S Byrne, 3: A L Cook, 4: W R Bennett, 5: Edward (Ted) R Bromley, 6: N S Kirby, 7: William (Bill) S Shepherd, Str: R W Butler, Cox: Reg J Daly, Cch: Reg J Daly, Mgr: Laurie P Raper, Emerg: R G Walker
3rd WA - Bow: H "Dick" Potter, 2: Colin Clark, 3: Arthur Wright, 4: R H Brown, 5: Jimmy Miller, 6: H "Pro" McKenzie, 7: Peter B Verschuer, Str: Allan Jones, Cox: Frank Chisnell, Emerg: Rob Williams, Cch: Paddy Ryan
4th SA - Bow: Tom Crookall, 2: J Grimshaw, 3: E Billinger, 4: C Edwards, 5: C Wightman, 6: K Ormston, 7: A Gregory, Str: W (Bill) Ninham, Cox: Deb Earl, Cch: W Robins, Emergs: A Wlaters & A Dally, Mgr: C V Murison
5th QLD - Bow: T Anderson, 2: H Bundgaard, 3: H Hansen, 4: B Casperson, 5: C Sinclair, 6: L MacFarlane, 7: D Witt, Str: E Cook, Cox: F Wilson, Cch: E C Anderson, Mgr: R T Delaney, Emerg: A Forshaw
6th TAS - Bow: G Long, 2: M Ford, 3: E Major, 4: F Makepeace, 5: K Luck, 6: H Wilkinson, 7: D Chandler, Str: Tasman Long, Cox: J Gibson, Cch: Fred Cloverdale, Mgr: T Stanwix (It appears that B Chesterman was originally selected in the crew but withdrew. The original named emergency M Ford raced in the two seat.)

Victorian eight

1932 Victorian Crew

After a breakage in the Tasmanian boat in the first start, the restart was clean and NSW and Victoria led the field by the half mile mark. By the mile mark, Victoria had made a move and took the lead from NSW. This is how the crews finished with substantial margins between each of the competing crews.

100,000 spectators, the Governor-General, Prime Minister and Lord Mayor watched the event which shows the importance placed on the race. On the Sunday after the event, a motor picnic was arranged for the visiting oarsmen to Mr T M Burke's property "Doongala" Bayswater.

Western Australian eight

1932 WA Crew whilst in Melbourne

Tasmanian eight

1932 Tasmanian crew in Melbourne

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship—The President's Cup

Distance 2 1/2 miles
Time: 19.05.2
Margins: 2 1/2 & 1 1/2 lengths

1st NSW - Herbert Turner
2nd TAS - Reg F Beauchamp
3rd VIC - C W W Pepler
QLD disqualified - Joe Richardson

The sculling championship was not so clear cut. The race was first conducted on 23rd April with a win to Turner. However Peppler lodged a protest against Beauchamp and Richardson for interference which was upheld and Richardson was disqualified. A re-row was ordered for 10am Sunday 24th April. Turner won again fortunately, Beauchamp second, Peppler third and Richardson last. The trophy presentation took place at the picnic on Sunday.

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship—The ULVA Trophy

Distance: 1/2 Mile
Time: 2.51.0
Margins: 1 & 1 lengths

1st NSW - Bow: May Harvey, 2: Angela Mann, 3: Flo Thurston, Str: Rose Goodman, Cox: Alex Eddie, Cch: Chris Kayser, Emerg: M Williams
2nd (dead heat)QLD - Bow: May Brunke, 2: Audrey Hampson, 3: Flo Crossett, Str: Edie Midgley, Cox: Mr Percy Stibe, Cch: John Stribe
2nd (dead heat) SA - Bow: Mrs Lorna Vardon, 2: Miss Florence Killmier, 3: Miss Rose Dornan, Str: Miss Adele Hill, Cox & Cch: Mr Len Hill
4th VIC - Bow: Dorrie Langley, 2: Stella Peters, 3: Edna Tuite, Str: Doreen Kamphfhenkel, Cox: Sylvia Pridham, Mgr: Mrs Williams

The South Australians led early but NSW rowed through quickly to take the lead and eventually win the Championship by one length with a dead heat for second placing. Victoria finished a further length back in last place. The Victorians all hailed from the Preston Rowing Club in Melbourne.

NSW women's team

Arrival of 1932 NSW Four in Queensland

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