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Interstate Championships

Women's: 25 Mar 1933 Derwent River TAS
Men's: 6 May 1933 Brisbane River QLD

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1933 programme

1933 Programme Cover from the Men's Interstate Championships


Regatta Officials

Starter: G N Smoothey
Umpire: G R Howard Gill
Judge: F W deLittle
R Wilson, E E McCaskie & N Braidwood

51st Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship—The King's Cup

Distance: 2 1/2 Mile
Time: 14.30
Margins: 1 1/4 & 4 lengths

1st NSW - Bow: Geoff E May, 2: William J Dixon, 3: Edward R Bromley, 4: Walter (Wal) E Jordan, 5: Frank J Lester, 6: Tom C Nickson, 7: William (Bill) S Shepherd, Str: A Cliff Lambert, Cox: Reg J Daly, Emerg: Stanley (Stan) J McGilvray, Cch: Ernie E Keary, Mgr: Harold G Alderson, Sole Selector: Bernie S Williams
2nd QLD - Bow: A Duncan, 2: E Von Hein, 3: P Finney, 4: H Ridgley, 5: O Ruback, 6: R Weir, 7: L Duncan, Str: J Anderson, Cox: S Tappenden, Emerg: O Lusk, Cch: R A Hunter, Manager: Joseph Smith
3rd VIC - Bow: F Ruglin, 2: M Gardner, 3: Stewart J Elder, 4: D K Wilson, 5: Jack South, 6: Lachlan J Thompson, 7: Ben S Thompson, Str: Alec W McLeish, Cox: C Brennan, Emerg: Colin Bain, Cch: George S Anderson, Mgr: Ray W B Todd, Selectors: Walter N Ricketts, W Ray B Todd & coach
4th TAS - Bow: G Arnott, 2: C B Chesterman, 3: R Doran, 4: J A Hood, 5: J Chester, 6: H J Johnston, 7: D C Chandler, Str: T Long, Cox: Tom Darcey, Cch: G A Westbrook, Emerg: G F Sorell, Mgr: E T Bessell
5th SA - Bow: A Berrill, 2: J Grimshaw, 3: E Billinger, 4: A Walters, 5: Robert Ninham, 6: Ken Ormston, 7: Alf J Gregory, Str: William Ninham, Cox: D Earl, Emerg: W Treglown, Cch: W Robbins, Mgr: J Grimshaw

NSW Men's Eight

1933 NSW Crew

NSW led from the start finishing 1 1/4 lengths in front of Queensland with Victoria well back. NSW tried valiantly to shake off the Queensland crew who got within a length in the later stages of the race. Finney, the three man of the Queensland crew, was blind as a result of a shooting accident in 1925. He was a member of the 1924 winning crew.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship—The President's Cup

Distance: 2 1/2 mile
Time: 14.32.00
Margin: Easily

1st NSW - Herbert Turner
2nd TAS - Reg F Beauchamp
3rd QLD - Geoffrey G Boreham

The sculling race was an easy win for Turner.

Herbert Turner

Herbert Turner from NSW

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship—The ULVA Trophy

Distance: 1/2 Mile
Time: 3:35.0
Margins: 1/3 & 1 length

1st VIC - Bow: Edna Twite, 2: Nellie James, 3: Stella Peters, Str: Doreen Kamphfhenkel, Cox: V Allender, Mgr: Mrs Williams, Cch: George Williams
2nd NSW - Bow: Flo Thurston, 2: M Van Williams, 3: May Harvey, Str: Angela Mann, Cox: Alex Eddie, Cch: Chris Kayser
3rd QLD - Bow: M Crane, 2: M Cocks, 3: Nell Plint, Str: Kath Beardmore, Cox: Mr W Wertemeyer
4th SA - Bow: Mrs Lorna Vardon, 2: Miss Florence Killmier, 3: Miss Rose Dornan, Str: Miss A Hill, Cox & Cch: Mr Len Hill
5th TAS - Bow: B Graveley, 2: Nancy Reardon, 3: O Sturgess, Str: Madge Stewart, Cox: Mr J Smith, Cchs: L Marsh and D Hughes

The race was a thriller. NSW were leading slightly with only 150 yards to go when a late burst by the Victorians pushed their way to the front finishing a canvas in front. A good crowd of 7,000 spectators watched the racing.

NSW Women's Four

1933 NSW Women's Four

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