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Interstate Championships

Women's: 7 Apr 1934 Parramatta River NSW
Men's: 5 May 1934 Hobart Tas

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start of women's four

Start of the Women's Fours


52nd Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship—The King's Cup

Distance: 3 Miles
Time: 19.38.5
Margin: 4 lengths

1st NSW - Bow: Geoff E May, 2: William J Dixon, 3: Edward R Bromley, 4: Walter E Jordan, 5: Frank J Lester, 6: Tom C Nickson, 7: William (Bill) S Shepherd, Str: Harold (Harry) D Raffen, Cox: Reg J Daly, Emerg: Ossie J Schmitzer, Cch: Ernie E Keary, Mgr: Laurie P Raper, Sole Selector: Bernie S Williams
2nd WA - Bow: J (Beau) Burnett, 2: Charles Hugall, 3: Jack Hugall Jnr., 4: Rodney Johnston, 5: H "Pro" McKenzie, 6: R Read, 7: A Reay, Str: Burnett, Cox: R Lowry, Cch: Charles Wroblewski
3rd QLD
- Bow: J H Cox, 2: A Reid, 3: S S Smith, 4: L R Smith, 5: H J St John, 6: Richard B Scott, 7: Eric P Evers, Str: Robert C Gregory, Cox: F Longmore, Emerg: C O'Reilly, Cch: Rev M Henderson, Manager: Lou Poulgrain
4th TAS - Bow: Alan C Cresswell, 2: R G Richardson, Cec Gillham, 4: B G Jones, 5: Reg G Blundstone, 6: W A Oakes, 7: Str: C A Abbott, Cox: Tom Darcey, Emerg: J Rowland,
VIC did not finish - Bow: F P Furlong, 2: J E Callaghan, 3: C W Welch, 4: S E Gugger, 5: Stewart J Elder, 6: Lachlan J Thompson, 7: W Alf Lodding, Str: Les W Sullivan, Cox: A G Green, Cch: Martin F Sinnot, Emerg: Max F Edmunds, Mgr: H E Butler, Selectors: George S Anderson, M A Sinnott & Ray Todd, Trainer: C Bucknell
SA did not finish - Bow: R. J. Hill, 2: J. R. Junger, 3: J. M. P. Cogan, 4: D. McIntosh, 5: S. A. Wilson, 6: Philip A. Lord, 7: A. V. Kunoth, Str: W. M. Hoskin, Cox: B. T. Bond

1934 Tasmanian crew

Emergency J Rowland in the seven seat in this photo

The conditions for this race were described as unsuitable and the degree of unsuitability is gleaned by the time, being the slowest in 50 years. Sir Hubert Nicholls, President of the Tasmanian Rowing Association remarked at the presentation of the King's Cup to the winning crew:

"On his own account he would like to offer his condolences to Victoria. It was making a magnificent race when three or four unusually large waves got aboard with the usual result." The Victorian boat was swamped and damaged beyond repair in training.

NSW raced the event superbly taking a lead in the first mile then rowed as cleanly as possible to avoid being swamped. The NSW crew selection had its problems. Keary wanted to make a change and the selector Williams refused to allow it. Keary resigned and the matter went to the Association who allowed the coach to make such changes. Williams then resigned but was prevailed upon to stay on.

Victorian men's eight

1934 Victorian Eight

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship—The President's Cup

Time: 17.46.0
Margin: 15 & 6 lengths

1st NSW - Herbert Turner
2nd TAS - Reg Beauchamp
3rd VIC - C F W Peppler
4th QLD - C E Slaughter

The sculling event was conducted in slightly better conditions and allowed an easy win to Turner.

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship—The ULVA Trophy

Distance: 1/2 Mile
Time: 3.10.0
Margin: 1 length then 1/2 length

1st NSW - Bow: Esme Riley, 2: Van Williams, 3: May Harvey, Str: Angela Mann, Cox: Alex Eddie, Cch: Chris Kayser, Emerg: Nea Walcot
2nd QLD - Bow: Rosabell Grossmann, 2: Pearl Briggenshaw, 3: Flo Crossett, Str: Audrey Hampson, Cox: Mr W Wertemeyer, Cch: Mr Cecil Roebuck
3rd SA - Bow: Gwen Steed, 2: D Bradley, 3: Rose Dorman, Str: Adele Hill, Cox: Douglas Lower, Cch: L Hill
4th VIC - Bow: Jessie Doolan, 2: Minnie Anderson, 3: Mavis Gyles, Str: Gladys Spiller, Cox: O Copas, Cch: Mr A R Gideon, Chaperon: Mrs Gideon
5th TAS

The NSW women's four

1934 Victorious NSW Four

The event was raced in superb conditions on Hen & Chicken Bay and the start was competitive with NSW and SA the early leaders. NSW edged ahead and despite a spirited fight back by Queensland, they finish a length in front. SA was a further 1/2 length behind and Victoria stopped before the line but still managed fourth place.

The Victorian crew hailed from the Essendon Rowing Club and had won the State Championship.

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