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Interstate Championships

Women's: 27 Apr 1935, Port River SA
Men's: 11 May 1935, Nepean River NSW

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1935 programme

1935 Programme Cover from the Men's Interstate Championships


Regatta Officials

Starter: Jack McGregor
Umpires: J W Hence (King's Cup), Fred M Cronin (Sculls)
Judge: A Chris Kayser
P C Daly & J W Scott

53rd Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship—The King's Cup

Distance: 3 miles
Time: 16.20.2
Margins: 2/3 length and 4 lengths

1st NSW -Bow: William G Cross, 2: Stanley (Stan) J McGilvray, 3: William J Dixon, 4: Jack T Fisher, 5: Edward R Bromley, 6: Walter E Jordan, 7: A B (Joe) Gould, Str: Walter A Mackney, Cox & Mgr: Douglas W Bowden, Emergs: Edward (Ted) R Firth & W L Buckham, Cch: George Mackenzie, Sole Selector: Bernie S Williams
2nd WA - Bow: Keith (Spock) Langley, 2: Archie F Dobson, 3: C Clarke, 4: Leonard (Len) P Teede, 5: Vic Shakespear, 6: Francis (Frank) A W LeSouef, 7: Charles S Liggens, Str: J T (Beau) Burnett, Cox: S Manning, Cch: Richard (Dick) Gard, Emerg: R Monkhouse, Mgr: Fred W Humphreys
3rd SA - Bow: William McCann, 2: John C Williams, 3: Robert Ninham, 4: W W Alexander, 5: Alf J Gregory, 6: Jack Bollen, 7: Hurtle C Morphett, Str: W (Bill) Ninham, Cox: Deb Earl, Cch: C A Darwent, Emerg: E T Major, Mgr: F J Button
4th VIC - Bow: C W Welch, 2: L W Sullivan, 3: E Lindsay, 4: Peter R Jelbart, 5: Stewart J Elder, 6: Lachlan J Thompson, 7: W A Lodding, Str: Tom Luxton, Cox: T J Croft, Emerg: Jim B Clemens, Cch: George M Hutton, Selectors: Walter N Ricketts, G W Smith & coach, Mgr: Harry E Butler
5th QLD - Bow: H Lister, 2: Herbert Zunker, 3: W Lourigan, 4: Arthur Zunker, 5: Arthur Hassam, 6: Percy Sorrenson, 7: C Tobin, Str: Robert Howard, Cox: Ron Clemence, Emerg: Cecil Roebuck, Cch: W Moller, Manager: Lou Poulgrain
6th TAS - Bow: G Morley, 2: B Gibson, 3: D Scanlon, 4: V Roper, 5: B Douglas, 6: T Long, 7: Reg Blundstone, Str: Stan Wells, Cox: J Smith, Emerg: S Parker, Cch: Syd Swan, Mgr: S J Quinton

New South Wales Men's Eight

1935 NSW Crew

The eights race was a tight race between NSW and WA. The lighter WA had to out rate the NSW crew throughout the race but in the last few hundred yards, the NSW crew had more in reserve and broke away to win by 2/3 length with SA 4 lengths further back.

The Victorian crew contained some inexperienced oarsmen. George Anderson who raced in the 1938 crew recalls the following story. "I recall that, a couple of years before [1938] a foreman was selected for the State eight. Tom Luxton of our club, who was stroke, told me that this chap came to him one day and said: 'I have not been rowing very long and do not know much about it. What's this recovery the coach keeps talking about?' "

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship—The President's Cup

Distance: 2 1/2 miles
Time: 16.36.6
Margins: 48 secs and 3/4 length

1st NSW - Herbert J Turner
2nd VIC - C F W Peppler
3rd QLD - C E Slaughter
4th TAS - Harold A Wilkinson

Herbert Turner

Herbert Turner from NSW

The sculling championship was an easy win to Turner again and the only interest was in the race for the minor placings. It was an even race between competitors in the first half of the race with Turner only a length in front. Turner turned on the pace in the second half of the race but a tight struggled between Peppler and Slaughter took place. Wilkinson was outclassed in this race.

Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship—The ULVA Trophy

Distance: 1/2 Mile
Time: 3.16.0
Margins: 1 canvas between 1st and 2nd and 2 feet back to 3rd

1st NSW - Bow: Esme Riley, 2: M Van Williams, 3: May Harvey, Str: Angela Mann, Cox: Tony Nickson, Cch: Tom C Nickson, Emerg: N Walton
2nd QLD - Bow: Rosabell Grossman, 2: Pearl Briggenshaw, 3: Flo Crossett, Str: Audrey Hampson, Cox: C Moorhead, Cch: Mr Cecil Roebuck
3rd VIC - Bow: Jess Doolan, 2: Viola Keane, 3: May Mudford, Str: Minnie Anderson, Cox & Cch: Rose Gideon, Emerg: Merle Smith
4th TAS - Bow: Gladys Cullen, 2: Nancy Reardon, 3: M Johnston, Str: Madge Stewart, Cox: N Stewart
5th SA - Bow: T Smyth, 2: Eileen Sayers, 3: Gwen Reid, Str: Rose Dornan, Cch: Mr Leo Forrestall

NSW women's four

1935 NSW Women's Four

The race was marred by two false starts and a dispute over the use of an audible "GO" rather than gun shot. The starter's gun failed to work and the start was started by the word "GO". The crews were recalled.

On the second attempt, the NSW crew held their ground and raised their hand in protest. The stroke said that she waited for the gun to fire and did not know that the start would be by the word "GO". The umpire recalled the crews. On the third attempt, the start was successful and the NSW crew got away well taking a half length lead by the half way mark. However both Queensland and Victoria rowed back through the NSW crew to create a great finish and tight margins.

After the event, the dispute over the starting method boiled on with unsuccessful attempts made to have the race annulled.

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