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Interstate Championships

19 Apr 1941 Yarra River VIC

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Women's Interstate Four-Oared Championship—The ULVA Trophy

Distance: 3/4 Mile
Time: 5.48.8
Margin: 1 canvas

1st VIC - Bow: D Pettiona, 2: A Beazley, 3: Merle Bennell, Str: Nell Walsh, Cox: G Johnstone, Cch: Mr David Calnin
2nd NSW - Bow: Lilian Harvey, 2: M Rose, 3: Doris Collins, Str: L Boon, Cox & Cch: Laurie Hancock
3rd QLD - Bow: B Bucholz, 2: V Whetter, 3: Flo Crossett, Str: Audrey Hampson, Cox: K Fitzgerald, Cch: Mr W O Brien

It was a closer race this year with Victoria narrowly winning. The effect of the war was showing with Tasmania not defending its title and no South Australia.

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