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Interstate Championships

11 May 1946 Nepean River NSW

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1946 programme

1946 Programme Cover


58th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship—The King's Cup

Time: 17:06.8
Margin: 1 3/4 & 6 lengths

1st VIC - Bow: Jack W Webster, 2: Ken D Grant, 3: Richard J Boynton, 4: A Hugh G Clarke, 5: Les A J Wilkinson, 6: Jack J Mulcahy, 7: Michael L Foote, Str: Walter J Lambert, Cox: Peter Wilding, Coach: W Ray B Todd, Selectors: Lachlan J Thompson, Jack South and coach, Mgr: Harry E Butler
2nd NSW - Bow: Victor Aitken, 2: Colin A Cogle, 3: Frank R Smith, 4: K "Nobby" R Vale, 5: Malcolm (Mac) R Ruffels, 6: Kevyn P Webb, 7: Owen A Ruffels, Str: Lance Robinson, Cox: Edward (Ted) B Healy, Emergs: Bruce H Goswell & William J Dixon, Cch: Dr J A Parkes, Mgr & sole Selector: A B (Joe) Gould
3rd WA - Bow: Edward (Eddy) K Edwards, 2: J McMahon, 3: Stanley M Stephens, 4: Guy Negus, 5: John D Keogh, 6: Peter Forbes, 7: Alan Collins, Str: Donald Barratt-Hill, Cox: James Hunt, Emerg: Gordon Barratt-Hill, Cch: Richard (Dick) T Gard, Mgr: Gordon B Hill
4th TAS - Bow: A S Butler, 2: C Pearce, 3: Lindsay Masters, 4: J G Gibson, 5: V Button, 6: A Richardson, 7: B Pearce, Str: T "Tas" Long, Cox: Sid Swan, Emerg: J Gibson, Cch: S Swan, Mgr: Sid C Hammond
5th SA - Bow: John A Hill, 2: Keith McCallum, 3: M V Coveney, 4: Ron Graetz, 5: Frank J Frolich, 6: Lancelot H "Bill" Steer, 7: Robert E Lewis, Str: Jack H Bollen, Cox: W D Earl, Emerg: R J Lockhart, Cch: Frank N Lodge, Mgr: Amos A Bottroff

In the eights race, the Victorians led from the start and were never troubled by the other crews. A comfortable 1 3/4 length margin was achieved at the finish. The more interesting stories took place before the race. Tasmania flew to the Championships rather than travelling by ship or train—a first for interstate championships. Victoria travelled by air for the first time in the next year to Perth.

The Victorian crew in Melbourne

The Victorian crew included Ken Grant who went onto being a great leader of Western Australian rowing. The cox of the Victorian crew weighed on 5.5 stone and had to carry almost half his weight in additional weight.

WA refused to endorse the selection of 64 year old George Rogers as stroke of their eight. Rogers was also one of the selectors. Nobby Vale from the NSW left for America after this race and was lost to the sport in Australia.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship—The President's Cup

Row over

1st NSW - Mervyn T Wood
VIC did not start - Ron V Rawlins - Ill and unable to compete

In the sculling race a poisoned leg and heel prevented the Victorian sculler competing. It was therefore a row over to Wood.

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