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Interstate Championships

24 Apr 1948, Derwent River Tas

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1948 programme

1948 Programme Cover


60th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship—The King's Cup

Distance: 3 miles
Time: 14.50.6
Margins: 11/2 & 1 length

1st NSW - Bow: William W Shepherd, 2: Doug Malligan, 3: Ken T Gee, 4: C William Winkworth, 5: Erwin E Eder, 6: Thomas Brennan, 7: Alex A Eddie, Str: Jack W Eddie, Cox: Edward B Healey, Emerg: Owen A Ruffels, Cch: R J Parkes, Mgr: Harold S Wilkes
2nd WA - Bow: G Richard Dempster, 2: Victor W Murray, 3: Arthur T Winstanley, 4: J G (Gil) Marsh, 5: John H Baird, 6: Jack E Jeffreys, 7: Graham L Norton, Str: Allan M Smith, Cox: Ken H Carrick, Emerg: Gordon M Andrews, Cch: George Orgill, Mgr: Jas A Child
3rd SA - Bow: A B Wellman, 2: A J McDonald, 3: McLeahy E Lawrie, 4: Jack Neville, 5: Remo Morelli, 6: Rex H Wallman, 7: Laurie S Goodenough, Str: Keith L Coldwell, Cox: L H Hannaford, Emergs: W H Nerlich & Jack H Bollen, Cch: Jack H Bollen, Mgr: Robert S Palmer
4th TAS - Bow: Ron Stewart, 2: Terry C Colman, 3: Pat Scanlon, 4: John Boniwell, 5: Brian Pitt, 6: L Seidenburg, 7: J Thureau, Str: J T Burnett, Cox: Tom A Darcey, Emergs: A Russell & M Leamey, Cch: D S Hughes, Mgr: J R Chant
5th QLD - Bow: Cliff Volzke, 2: L Lloyd-Jones, 3: N Christie, 4: N Wallace, 5: A Richardson, 6: E Rickert, 7: C Rickert, Str: Colin Zunker, Cox: Ron Clemence, Emerg: N Rehbein, Cch: Cecil Roebuck, Manager: F Lou Poulgrain
6th VIC - (Corio Bay RC) Bow: D R Bridges, 2: S V Rau, 3: R G Wilson, 4: S G Thomas, 5: G A Craven, 6: R B Barrow, 7: Tom G Hoffman, Str: Ian C Everist, Cox: David R Salmon, Coach: Albert B Bell, Emerg: Richard Boynton & Murray Christie, Mgr: H E Butler, Selectors: L J Thompson, W Ray B Todd and coach

Presentation of the King's Cup to NSW

The conditions were far from good with very rough water and a delayed start resulted. WA started well followed by Tasmania, SA and NSW. However the crew from the west went out too fast and after a mile started to slow allowing the NSW crew the opportunity to take the lead. At about half way, the Victorian crew was in a good position when the six man collapsed not once, but two times with a stomach illness. This took them out of contention. The Western Australians then challenged the NSW crew but were shaken off allowing a victory to NSW with WA second.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship—The President's Cup

Distance: 21/2 miles
Time: 15.12.2
Margin: 7 lengths

1st NSW - Mervyn T Wood
2nd VIC - Ron V Rawlins
3rd TAS - Ian M Cook
4th QLD - Nev Cullen

The sculling race was another fine win to Merv Wood by seven lengths. Rawlins provided a good race for the first 11/2 miles before being outclassed.

Merv Wood congratulated by wife and child

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