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1950 Interstate Championships - photo gallery

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1950 Program Cover

1950 NSW Crew

Bow: C B Hopkins, 2: David R Anderson, 3: Nim Greenwood, 4: Mervyn D Finlay, 5: Don R Palmer, 6: Vic R Middleton, 7: Robert N Tinning, Str: Phil A Cayzer, Cox: Tom E Chessell

1950 SA Crew

Bow: A J Smithson, 2: R K Coldwell, 3: R Pike, 4: W H Nerlich, 5: John A Hill, 6: Ken M Morris, 7: Laurie L Williamson, Str: Keith L Coldwell, Cox: J Pengelly

1950 Tasmanian Crew

Bow: Malcolm Will, 2: Don Gray, 3: Robert J Clark, 4: R D Barker, 5: Horrie D Lockley, 6: R Dudley Salveson, 7: R J Shields, Str: Ernie Roberts, Cox: David Archer

1950 WA Crew travel by air

Bow: G Richard Dempster, 2: L Bruce Glaskin, 3: Graham L Norton, 4: Alec W Murphy, 5: John R Caddy, 6: James L Paton, 7: Gordon M Andrews, Str: John E Foley, Cox: Ken H Carrick

1950 King's Cup finish

Fierce Racing in the President's Cup

Merv Wood displays the damage to his scull

1950 NSW Sculler Merv Wood

1950 Victorian Sculler Ron Rawlins

1950 Tasmanian Sculler Alan Jones

1950 Queensland Sculler Sid Rogers


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