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1951 Interstate Championships photo gallery

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1951 Program Cover


Victorian King's Cup crew

Bow: William L Wallace, 2: W Neville Howell, 3: Harry D Duncan, 4: David Olliff, 5: A G (Paddy) Barrett, 6: Warwick A Granowski, 7: Tom G Hoffman, Str: Robert R Aitken, Cox: W Max Bailey

Victorian team in Brisbane

Victorian crew training

Queensland crew

Bow: R P Mahony, 2: R F James. 3: Don H McClymont, 4: A T Lawson, 5: Jim M Dowrie, 6: T Wardrobe, 7: N F Holland, Str: J Nunan, Cox: D Bray


Finish of the King's Cup

NSW King's Cup crew in training


NSW crew in training

Bow: Robert N Tinning, 2: Vic R Middleton, 3: Don R Palmer, 4: Nim Greenwood, 5: Ross L Selman, 6: Mervyn D Finlay, 7: Edward O G Pain, Str: Phil A Cayzer, Cox: Tom E M Chessell, Emergs: David R Anderson & Ernie W Chapman, Cch: Tom E M Chessell

Merv Wood, NSW Sculler

Ron Rawlins - Victorian Sculler

Sid Rogers - Queensland Sculler


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