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1960 Interstate Championships photo gallery

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1960 Program Cover

A view of the course

Tamar Rowing Club

Tamar Rowing Club

The finish of the King's Cup

WA Crew

Bow: Milton A Francis, 2: Geoff A Hale, 3: John R Ledder, 4: A Max Cunningham, 5: Max S Gamble, 6: Berry H Durston, 7: Roger A Ninham, Str: John G Rosser, Cox: Terrence J Scook

WA crew in training

NSW Crew

Bow: Ralfe Currall, 2: Kevin Evans, 3: Peter Waddington, 4: Victor Schweikert, 5: Kenneth Railton, 6: John Hudson, 7: Graeme Allan, Str: Bruce Evans, Cox: Peter Wade

NSW crew in training

NSW coaches prepare for training

NSW team surveys course

Victorian Crew

Bow: Hubert R Frederico, 2: James G Howden, 3: Martin G Tomanovits, 4: Graeme A McCall, 5: William S Arnold, 6: W Neville Howell, 7: Paul Guest, Str: Geoff M Taylor, Cox: C J Newman

Victorian crew

Queensland Crew

Bow: John Drewe, 2: J Job, 3: Peter Jorss, 4: J Ireland, 5: I Mayes, 6: P Apel, 7: B Clarke, Str: L Andrews, Cox: B Egan

Tasmanian Crew

Bow: T J Vimpany, 2: J S Harman, 3: R J Young, 4: A R Marshall, 5: A C Johnson, 6: P H Burgess, 7: J A Collins, Str: D W Hollaway, Cox: E Hollaway

Tasmanian Crew

Bow: Tom P McCormick, 2: G Clode, 3: Geoff D Burfield, 4: Lindsay Southcott, 5: Cliff Graetz, 6: Bruce Robertson, 7: R Cornelius, Str: Robert Russell, Cox: G Cuell

Cream cake delights the rowers at a civic reception for them

Gail Charles and Judy Gallagher (both from Victoria) and Margaret Agnew and Susan Evans (from NSW).

Ian Tutty - NSW Sculler

Ian Tutty departs for race

Graham Squires - Tasmanian Sculler

Peter Edwards - Victorian Sculler

Russell H McLellan - Queensland Sculler

WA Lightweight Four

Bow: Richard (Dick) A Child, 2: Brian L Colbran, 3: Alan Martin, Str: Don O'Brien, Cox: Walter (Wally) V Bennett

NSW Lightweight Four

Bow: Patrick Burke, 2: Kevin Boyle, 3: Colin Bullard, Str: Robert Ritchie, Cox: Alf McLaren

NSW lightweight four boat arrives

Victorian Lightweight Four

Bow: Jeff J Wylie, 2: Ken Hume, 3: Anthony M Walker, Str: Paul Harding, Cox: David Palfreyman

SA Lightweight Four

Bow: A Doyle, 2: D Cathcart, 3: A G Coldwell, Str: W Fields, Cox: R Turley

Tasmanian Lightweight Four

Bow: J S Targett, 2: David W Poulson, 3: R J Gibson, Str: R A Richardson, Cox/Cch: Tommy A Darcey

Two members of the NSW lightweight four site seeing


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