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Interstate Championships

14 Mar 1999, West Lakes SA

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1999 Programme

1999 Programme Cover


110th Men's Interstate Eight-Oared Championship—The King's Cup


1st WA - Bow: Mike Everleigh, 2: Joe Walsh, 3: Ben Hopkins, 4: Tim Perkins, 5: Jono Fievez, 6: Ron Snook, 7: Rob Scott, Str: Stuart Reside, Cox: Kenny Chan, Cch: Nick Garrett
2nd VIC - Bow: Christian Ryan, 2: Paul Myers, 3: Ben Dodwell, 4: Bill Tait, 5: Mike McKay, 6: Drew Ginn, 7: James Tomkins, Str: Nigel Sullivan, Cox: David Colvin, Emerg: Paul Gray, Cchs: Noel Donaldson & Chris O'Brien, Mgr: Michael Hudson
3rd QLD - Bow: James Burton, 2: Justin Sires,3: Randall Martin, 4: Jamie Rowe, 5: Marcus Free,6: David Weightman,: 7: Duncan Free, Str: Bo Hanson, Cox: Michael Toon (cox), Cch: Reg Free
4th NSW - Bow: Daniel Burke, 2: David Cameron, 3: Alastair Gordon, 4: Zac Kirkham, 5: Geoff Stewart, 6: James Stewart, 7: Stuart Welch, Str: Adam Woodward, Cox: Dale Caterson, Cch: Bruce Evans
5th ACT - Bow: Craig Jones, 2: Bruce Hick, 3: Anthony Kearns, 4: Jaimie Fernandez, 5: Nick Porzig, 6: Nick McDonald-Crowley, 7: Stuart McRae, Str: David Porzig, Cox: Brett Hayman, Cchs: Reuben Bettle & Reinhold Batschi
6th TAS - Bow: Sam Rees, 2: Andrew Stegman, 3: Michael Foster, 4: David Tippett, 5: Rupert Pugsley, 6: Tom Edwards, 7: Brendon Long, Str: Randall Baker, Cox: Claire Hughes, Cch: John Driessen
7th SA - Bow: Neil Lapworth, 2: Adrian Burrell, 3: Edward Lyons, 4: Stephen Worthley, 5: Tom Jeffries, 6: Leigh Chapman, 7: Mark Kurko, Str: Peter Kupniewski, Cox: Steven Perry, Cchs: Damien Cooke & Neil Myers

The WA crew led all the way to win from the fast finishing Victorians. The margin of 2.36 seconds with 500 metres to go was too much for the Victorians to catch up.

Men's Interstate Sculling Championship—The President's Cup


1st QLD - Duncan Free
2nd WA - Tristan Pascall
3rd NSW - Peter Hardcastle
4th ACT - Martin Lascelles
5th TAS - Brendan Long
6th VIC - Peter Antonie
7th SA - Mark Sparnon

Duncan Free led all the way and built up a good lead in the third 500 metres with Lascelles in second place. However Pascall and Hardcastle raced sensationally in the last 500 metres to bridge the gap markedly and take second and third placings.

Men's Interstate Lightweight Four Championship—The Penrith Cup


1st TAS - Bow: Andrew Butler, 2: Shane Braod, 3: Darren Balmforth, Str: Simon Burgess, Cch: Sam Le Compte
2nd VIC - Bow: Rob Spinks, 2: Stuart Peele, 3: Anthony Edwards, Str: Robert Richards, Cch: John Cumper
3rd WA - Bow: Luke Pritchard, 2: Josh Carroll, 3: Ben Cureton, Str: Glen Loftus, Cch: George Xouris
4th QLD: Bow: Glen Mill, 2: Haimish Karrasch, 3: Gary Worrell, Str: Ben Finemore, Cch: Bob Bleakley
5th NSW -Bow: Duncan Lawson, 2: Aaron Marshall-McCormack, 3: Rob Mitchell, Str: Michael Wiseman, Emerg: Michael Parks, Cch: Simon Pennington
6th SA - Bow: Marco Lippis, 2: Jared Wallington, 3: Simon Bowen, str: Mark Bastiaans, Cch: Damien Cooke

The Tasmanian crew led all the way and improved their margin throughout the race. It was a strong performance.

Men's Interstate Youth Eight Championship—The Noel F Wilkinson Trophy


1st VIC - Bow: Kartsen Forsterling, 2: Lachlan McPherson, 3: Andrew Rees, 4: David Crawshay, 5: Matt Phillips, 6: Timothy Widmar, 7: Anthony Coghlan, Str: Travis Johnston, cox: Mitch Russian, Cch: Chris O'Brien
2nd NSW - Bow: Nicholas Baxter, 2: Christian Baylis, 3: James Chapman, 4: Ben Hegerty, 5: Adam Long, 6: Daniel Noonan, 7: Stewart Old, Str: Peter Willis, Cox: David Whetton, cch: Alan Bennett, Emerg: Tim O'Callaghan
3rd QLD - Bow: Adam Lomsargis, 2: Simon Smart, 3: David Cook, 4: David Mathews, 5: David Moran, 6: Hardy Cubash, 7: Jason Scally, Str: Brian Milanovic, Cox: Mathew McGuire, Cchs: John Bowes & Tim Conrad
4th WA - Bow: Benjamin Hollings, 2: Laurie Webber, 3: David McGowan, 4: James Towey, 5: Josh Keogh, 6: Luke Nicolls, 7: Luke Pougnault, Str: Glen Dennison, Cox: Niall Wells, Cchs: Gavin Russell & Roy Loftus
5th ACT - Bow: Randell Bulley, 2: Cameron Reid, 3: Ben Southwell, 4: Luke Hennessy, 5: Mitchell Punch, 6: Michael Punch, 7: Nathan White, Str: Henry Gundry, Cox: Matthew Dakin, Cch: Nick Hunter
6th SA - Bow: Hugh MacGillivray, 2: John Walsh, 3: Jack Harbison, 4: Robert Starling, 5: Joseph Smit, 6: Alister Walsh, 7: Hugh Shannon, Str: Edward Scammell, Cox: William McLachlan, Cch: David Bishop

The Victorians raced well and were not seriously challenged. They increased their margin well throughout the race.

Women's Interstate Eight Championship—The ULVA Trophy


1st VIC - Bow: Sue Chapman-Popa, 2: Justine Joyce, 3: Emily Martin, 4: Caitlin Fraser, 5: Rachel Taylor, 6: Georgina Douglas, 7: Rachael Kininmonth, Str: Bronwyn Thompson, cox: Katie Foulkes, Cch: Paul Reedy
2nd NSW - Bow: Deidre Coates, 2: Chris Gosling, 3: Monique Heinke, 4: Courtney Johnstone, 5: Kristina Larsen, 6: Victoria Roberts, 7: Bronwyn Roye, Str: Jodi Winter, Cox: Carly Bilson, Cch: Ellen Randell-Griffiths
3rd SA - Bow: Sally Newmarch, 2: Sharon Cummings, 3: Elizabeth Windle, 4: Kate Muecke, 5: Carmen Klomp, 6: Alison Davies, 7: Amy Safe, Str: Kate Slatter, Cox: Brooke Cooper, Cchs: Adrian David & Phil Mangelsdorf
4th ACT - Bow: Gesa Ruge, 2: Clare Gillespie-Jones, 3: Taryn Langdon, 4: Fleur Spriggs, 5: Kerry Knowler, 6: Liz Moller, 7: Angela Holbeck, Str: Karina Wieland, Cox: Amy Palmer, Cch: Nigel Harding
5th QLD - Bow: Ella Rezes, 2: Vanessa Whitehead, 3: Caroline Andrews, 4: Jane McKell, 5: Jo Larson, 6: Georgie Townsend, 7: Megan Everitt, Str: Karen Worrell, Cox: Jacqui Driver (Cox), Cch: Rob Fay

The Victorians led all the way but were unable to break away from the NSW crew who were a third of a length behind the whole way down the course. There was a good battle for third place between SA and ACT.

Women's Interstate Sculling Championship—The Nell Slatter Trophy



1st NSW - Bronwyn Roye, Cch: Ellen Randell
2nd VIC - Georgina Douglas, Cch: Noel Donaldson
3rd ACT - Kerry Knowler, Cch: Nigel Harding
4th QLD - Dionne Smits, Cch: Rod Cornelius

Bronwyn Roye led all the way and increased her margin throughout the race.

Women's Interstate Lightweight Quad Scull Championship—The Victoria Cup



1st VIC - Bow: Hannah Every, 2: Kathy McCallum, 3: Eliza Blair, Str: Christine Camilla, Cch: David Ochert
2nd SA - Bow: Amber Halliday, 2: Kisahn Lamshed, 3: Josephine Lips, Str: Sally Newmarch, Cch: Adrian David
3rd NSW - Bow: Catriona Roach, 2: Natalie Robson, 3: Rebecca Joyce, Sr: Bronwen Watson, Cch: Greg Howell
4th TAS - Bow: Dearne Grant, 2: Tameka Painting, 3: R Shepard, Str: Sarah Bird, Cch: Paul Bird

The Victorians led all the way and pushed their margin out to a 6.63 second lead by the 1500 metre mark. The SA crew reduced that margin over the last 500 metres.

Women's Interstate Youth Eight Championship—The Bicentennial Cup


1st NSW - Bow: Erin Crawford, 2: Kyeema Doyle, 3: Peta Estens, 4: Livia Laborczfalvi, 5: Natalie Legge, 6: Natalie Long, 7: Kelly Matthews, Str: Bronwyn Powell, Emerg: Catherine Thomson, Cox: Carly Bilson, Cch: Deborah Fox
2nd VIC- Bow: Cate Oliver, 2: Krystal Antica, 3: Georgina Consette, 4: Charlotte Coote, 5: Emily Trewartha, 6: Anthia Pyers, 7: Lisa Farrelly, Str: Amy Paynter, Cox: Cara Scwartz, Cchs: Brenton Terrell & Craig Adrians
3rd WA - Bow: Leanne Schmidt, 2: Claire Sharpe, 3: Rachel Jackson, 4: Elizabeth Devitt, 5: Morwenna Jaggard, 6: Amber Bradley, 7: Rebecca Sattin, Str: Sally Robbins, Cox: Jessica Hall, Cch: Uwe Bender
4th SA - Bow: Andrea Price, 2: Elspeth Begg, 3: Katie Bowley, 4: Miranda Bennett, 5: Megan Tuckey, 6: Vanessa Kelly, 7: Belinda Rowe, Str: Kaye Anstey, Cox: Lachlan Williams, Cchs: Monte Goulding & Andrew Stunnell
5th ACT - Bow: Suzannah Welsh, 2: Naomi Wagstaff. 3: Sarah Thew, 4: Melissa Prebble, 5: Suzanne Morris, 6: Helen Gillespie-Jones, 7: Cassandra Crowe, Str: Donna Martin, Cox: Amy Palmer, Cch: Peter Macartney
6th QLD - Bow: Elisabeth Grealy, 2: Louise Auld, 3: Kirsty Harris, 4: Sarah Mengler, 5: Nicole Williams, 6: Jo Stumer, 7: Julia Marler, Str: Rebecca Callanan, Cox: Alexis Sivyer, Cchs: Tracey Martin & Zoltan Shepherd

The NSW crew raced very well and in the third 500 metres created a winning margin over the other crews.

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