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2012 Interstate Championships - photo gallery

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Final stages of the King's Cup

Final stages of the Queen's Cup


David Crawshay of Victoria receives the President's Cup

Finish of the Victoria Cup

Finish of the Penrith Cup

Presentation of the Bicentennial Cup to NSW

Bow: Rachael Kiely, 2: Georgia Miansarow, 3: Leah Saunders, 4: Ellena Winstanley, 5: Jessie Allen, 6: Georgie Gotch, 7: Coco Bryant, Str: Olivia Heath, Cox: Kate Whittaker

New South Wales winning crew

Bow: Nicholas Hudson, 2: Samuel Loch, 3: Francis Hegerty, 4: James Chapman, 5: Nick Purnell, 6: Matthew Ryan, 7: Fergus Pragnell, Str: Daniel Noonan, Cox: Toby Lister

Victorian Winning Queen's Cup Crew

Bow: Alice McNamara, 2: Bec Daniher, 3: Emma Webley, 4: Lucy Stephan, 5: Katrina Bateman, 6: Robyn Selby Smith, 7: Kim Crow, Str: Phoebe Stanley, Cox: Annabelle Orr

Kim Crow winning the Nell Slatter Trophy

Presentation of the Victoria Cup


Presentation of the Penrith Cup to Tasmania

Bow: Anthony Edwards, 2: Samuel Beltz, 3: Blair Tunevitsch, Str: Tom Gibson

Presentation of the Wilkinson Cup

Bow: Thomas McClintock, 2: Rory Glover, 3: Philip Adams, 4: Aaron Wright, 5: Tom Sacre, 6: Nick Wheatley, 7: Jonothan Rundle, Str: Jay Ditmarsch, Cox: Frankie Gourlas


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