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2008 World Championships—
Linz Ottensheim, Austria

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In an Olympic year, the World senior championships are conducted only in the non-Olympic classes. Further the regatta is combined with the junior championships. For results of the junior championships, please see the 2008 World Junior Championships page.

The senior events contested from 22-27 July 2008 were:

Men's Coxed Pair
Men's Lightweight Scull
Men's Lightweight Quad Scull
Men's Lightweight Pair
Men's Lightweight Eight
Women's Four
Women's Lightweight Scull
Women's Lightweight Quad Scull

The following report was published on the Rowing Australian website of the final day of racing.

The Women’s Lightweight Quad Scull retained their World Championship last night with a fantastic win in their final. Bronwen Watson, Miranda Bennett and Alice McNamara were joined in the crew by Tasmanian Ingrid Fenger as they came from a long way back in the field to snatch victory in the last 500 metres of the race. After the first 500 metres the Australian girls sat in fourth place behind Poland, the United States and Great Britain. They lifted their rate in the middle half of the race and moved ahead of the United States and Great Britain and turned their attention to chasing down the Polish crew who held a one and a half second lead at the halfway mark. In the final 500 metres Australia surged past Poland and stormed to the line to take the gold medal in a time of 6:36.41, almost three seconds clear of Poland.

The Men’s Coxed Pair of Fergus Pragnell and Nick Baxter won the bronze medal after they also came from a long way back in the field. Coxed by West Australian Hugh Rawlinson, the pair was in 5th position after the first quarter of the race and could not improve on this over the next 1000 metres. Heading into the final stages of the race Pragnell and Baxter kicked and passed the Italian and Polish crews. Poland had been leading the whole race but fatigued badly to finish 5th. Australia could not catch Canada or France and finished in a time of 7:09.30, roughly a boat and a half behind gold medallists France.

The Men’s Lightweight Eight rowed in the B Final after two disappointing races earlier in the regatta. In the B Final the crew was tucked in behind Austria for the entire race and despite a late push they could not overtake them. They finished in a time of 5:56.61 to be edged out by Austria by 16 hundredths of a second.


Men's Pair
E1: 1st CAN, 2nd ITA, 3rd UKR, 4th IRL, 5th MDA
E2: 1st AUS, 2nd CRO, 3rd SRB, 4th HUN, 5th CZE
E3: 1st POL, 2nd USA, 3rd FRA, 4th SLO
R: 1st SLO, 2nd HUN, 3rd IRL, 4th CZE, 5th MDA
SF: 1st CAN, 2nd AUS, 3rd UKR, 4th USA, 5th SRB, 6th IRL
SF: 1st ITA, 2nd FRA, 3rd POL, 4th CRO, 5th SLO, 6th HUN
FB: 1st HUN, 2nd SRB, 3rd USA, 4th SLO, 5th CRO, 6th IRL
FA: 1st CAN (Bow: Gabriel Bergen, Str: James Dunaway, Cox: Mark Laidlaw) 7:06.69, 2nd FRA (Bow: Sebastien Lwnte, Str: Benjamin Lang, Cox: Benjamin Manceau) 7:08.64, 3rd AUS (as above) 7:09.30, 4th ITA (Bow: Aldo Tramontano, Str: Valerio Massimo, Cox: Gianluca Barattolo) 7:11.26, 5th POL (Bow: Lukasz Kardas, Str: Dawid Paczes, Cox: Pawel Lipowski) 7:17.92, 6th UKR (Bow: Andriy Ivanchul, Str: Ivan Tymko, Cox: Yuriy Panchuk) 7:18.03

Men's Lightweight Scull
E1: 1st NZL, 2nd IRI, 3rd FIN, 4th TUN, 5th ARM
E2: 1st GRE, 2nd BEL, 3rd USA, 4th ISR
E3: 1st AUT, 2nd JPN, 3rd CRO, 4th TUR
E4: 1st NED, 2nd ESP, 3rd SRB, 4th GBR
E5: 1st GER, 2nd SVK, 3rd MEX, 4th POL
E6: 1st ITA, 2nd RUS, 3rd CHI, 4th HUN
Q1: 1st GRE, 2nd SVK, 3rd ESP, 4th GBR, 5th CRO, 6th FIN
Q2: 1st IRI, 2nd AUT, 3rd SRB, 4th RUS, 5th HUN, 6th USA
Q3: 1st NZL, 2nd ITA, 3rd JPN, 4th MEX, 5th POL, 6th TUR
Q4: 1st NED, 2nd GER, 3rd BEL, 4th CHI, 5th TUN, 6th ISR
SF A/B: 1st ITA, 2nd IRI, 3rd GRE, 4th JPN, 5th ESP, 6th GER
SF A/B: 1st NED, 2nd NZL, 3rd AUT, 4th SVK, 5th BEL, 6th SRB
SF C/D: 1st GBR, 2nd RUS, 3rd POL, 4th FIN, 5th TUN, TUR DNS
SF C/D: 1st MEX, 2nd CRO, 3rd CHI, 4th HUN, 5th USA, 6th ISR
FE: 1st ISR, 2nd ARM
FD: 1st FIN, 2nd HUN, 3rd USA, 4th TUN
FC: 1st GBR, 2nd CRO, 3rd CHI, 4th POL, 5th MEX, RUS DNS
FB: 1st GER, 2nd SVK, 3rd JPN, 4th BEL, 5th SRB, 6th ESP
FA: 1st NZL (Duncan Grant) 6:52.38, 2nd NED (Japp Schouten) 6:52.73, 3rd GRE (Ilias Pappas) 6:55.00, 4th ITA (Lorenzo Bertini) 6:58.27, 5th IRI (Moshen Shadi Naghadah) 7:03.36, 6th AUT (Sebastian Sageder) 7:05.58

Men's Lightweight Quad Scull
E1: 1st FRA, 2nd GER, 3rd TUR, 4th USA
E2: 1st ITA, 2nd CZE, 3rd GBR
R: 1st CZE, 2nd USA, 3rd GER, 4th TUR, GBR EXC
FA: 1st ITA (Bow: Franco Sancassani, 2: Daniele Gilardoni, 3: Stefano Basalini, Str: Daniele Danesin) 5:57.30, 2nd FRA (Bow: Pierre-Etienne Pollez, 2: Fabrice Moreau, 3: Jeremie Azou, Str: Remi di Girolamo) 5:57.56, 3rd GER (Bow: Stephan Schad, 2: Knud Lange, 3: Felix Oevermann, Str: Michael Wieler) 5:59.50, 4th CZE (Bow: Jiri Kopac, 2: Ondrej Vetesnik, 3: Jan Vetesnik, Str: Miroslav Vrastil) 6:01.84, 5th TUR (Bow: Murat Tuerker, 2: Barbaros Goezutok, 3: Cem Yilmaz, Str: Ahmet Yumrukaya) 6:05.51 6th USA (Bow: Andrew Quinn, 2: Michael Aller, 3: Shane Madden, Str: Gavin Frase) 6:07.15

Men's Lightweight Pair
E1: 1st SRB, 2nd ITA, 3rd NZL, 4th GER, 5th AUT, 6th ESP
E2: 1st GBR, 2nd USA, 3rd JPN, 4th CZE, 5th DEN
E3: 1st GRE, 2nd SUI, 3rd RUS, 4th NED, 5th IRL
R1: 1st RUS, 2nd IRL, 3rd NZL, 4th CZE, 5th ESP
R2: 1st NED, 2nd DEN, 3rd AUT, 4th GER, 5th JPN
SF A/B: 1st SRB, 2nd NED, 3rd AUT, 4th IRL, 5th GBR, 6th SUI
SF A/B: 1st GRE, 2nd ITA, 3rd RUS, 4th NZL, 5th DEN, 6th USA
FC: 1st GER, 2nd JPN, 3rd CZE, 4th ESP
FB: 1st SUI, 2nd DEN, 3rd IRL, 4th NZL, 5th USA, 6th GBR
FA: 1st GRE (Bow: Nikolaos Gkountoulas, Str: Apostolos Gkountoulas) 6:40.92, 2nd ITA (Bow: Andrea Caianiello, Str: Armando Dell'Aquila) 6:42.88, 3rd SRB (Bow: Goran Nedelkovic, Str: Milos Tomic) 6:45.25, 4th NED (Bow: Arnoud Greidanus, Str: Roeland Lievens) 6:48.15, 5th RUS (Bow: Mikhail Belikov, Str: Sergey Bukreev) 6:50.39, 6th AUT (Bow: Juliusz Madecki, Str: Paul Ruttmann) 6:50.46

Men's Lightweight Eight
E1: 1st USA, 2nd ITA, 3rd CAN, 4th GER, 5th AUS
E2: 1st NED, 2nd POL, 3rd AUT, 4th HUN
R1: 1st ITA, 2nd GER, 3rd AUT
R2: 1st POL, 2nd CAN, 3rd AUS, 4th HUN
FB: 1st AUT, 2nd AUS, 3rd HUN
FA: 1st USA (Bow: Simon Carcagno, 2: Andrew Bolton, 3: Colin Farrell, 4: Michael Mike Altman, 5: Patrick Todd, 6: William Daly, 7: Thomas Paradiso, Str: Matt Muffelman, Cox: Ned del Guercio) 5:50.29, 2nd GER (Bow: Matthias Veit, 2: Marc Rippel, 3: Johann-Sebastian Diemann, 4: Jonas Schuetzeberg, 5: Matthias Schoemann-Finck, 6: Adrian Bretting, 7: Olaf Beckmann, Str: Axel Schuster, Cox: Martin Sauer) 5:51.69, 3rd NED (Bow: Pieter Rom Colthoff, 2: Diederick van den Bouwhuijsen, 3: Reinoud de Groot, 4: Dennis Beemsterboer, 5: Rutger Bruil, 6: Jolmer van der Sluis, 7: Maarten Tromp, Str: Maarten de Boer, Cox: Ryan den Drijver) 5:52.37, 4th ITA (Bow: Luigi Scala, 2: Salvatore di Somma, 3: Livio la Padula, 4: Dario Cerasola, 5: Emiliano Cessatelli, 6: Fabrizio Gabriele, 7: Michele Savrie, Str: Giorgio Tuccinardi, Cox: Vincenzo di Palma) 5:53.46, 5th POL (Bow: Tomasz Mrozowicz, 2: Michal Rychlicki, 3: Robert Urbanski, 4: Jerzy Kowalski, 5: Szymon Wisniewski, 6: Cezary Mrozowicz, 7: Mariusz Stanczuk, Str: Lukasz Siemion, Cox: Rafal Wozniak) 5:55.11, 6th CAN (Bow: Paul Amesbury, 2: Kurtis Boyd, 3: Brandon Boyd, 4: Rares Crisan, 5: Guthrie Hurd, 6: Terence McKall, 7: Robert Pratt, Str: Timothy Myers, Cox: Mark Laidlaw) 5:56.55

Australian Team

Men's Coxed Pair - Bronze
Bow: Nick Baxter (NSW)
Str: Fergus Pragnell (NSW)
Cox: Hugh Rawlinson (WA)

Lightweight Men's Eight - Eighth
Bow: Robert Hoyes (QLD)
2: Shaun Finlayson (TAS)
3: Max Sondermeyer (TAS)
4: Oliver Zuk (NSW)
5: Blair Tunevitsch (TAS)
6: Darryn Purcell (QLD)
7: Nicholas Baker (TAS)
Str: Perry Ward (WA)
Cox: David McGrath (VIC)

Lightweight Women's Quad Scull - Gold
Bow: Ingrid Fenger (TAS)
2: Bronwyn Watson (NSW)
3: Miranda Bennett (NSW)
Str: Alice McNamara (VIC)
Cch: Ellen Randell (NSW)


Women's Four
E1: 1st USA, 2nd RUS, 3rd UKR, 4th ITA
E2: 1st BLR, 2nd CAN, 3rd GER, 4th DEN
R: 1st DEN, 2nd ITA, 3rd RUS, 4th CAN, 5th GER, 6th UKR
FB: 1st GER, 2nd UKR
FA: 1st BLR ( Bow: Volha Shcharbachenia, 2: Natallia Helakh, 3: Yuliya Bichyk, Str: Hanna Nakhayeva) 6:39.89, 2nd USA (Bow: Karen Colwell, Stesha Carle, Sarah Trowbridge, Str: Esther Lofgren) 6:43.56, 3rd DEN (Bow: Lea Jakobsen, 2: Lisbet Jakobsen, Fie Graugaard, Str: Cecilie Christensen) 6:44.69, 4th ITA (Bow: Samanta Molina, 2: Sara Bertolasi, 3: Simona Roccarina, Str: Anna Bonciani) 6:46.85, 5th CAN (Bow: Nathalie Maurer, 2: Emma Darling, 3: Sarah Waterfield, Str: Cristin McCarty) 6:50.99, RUS EXC (Bow: Natalia Melnikova, 2: Alevtina Podvyazkina, 3: Valeriya Starodubrovskkkkaya, Str: Yulia Inozemtseva)

Women's Lightweight Scull
E1: 1st AUT, 2nd ITA, 3rd CRO, 4th FIN, 5th TUN
E2: 1st SUI, 2nd USA, 3rd ESP, 4th NOR, 5th POR
E3: 1st IRL, 2nd SWE, 3rd RUS, 4th DEN, 5th UKR
E4: 1st CAN, 2nd GBR, 3rd GER, 4th HUN, 5th MEX
R1: 1st CRO, 2nd HUN, 3rd RUS, 4th NOR, 5th TUN, 6th MEX
R2: 1st DEN, 2nd ESP, 3rd FIN, 4th GER, 5th UKR, 6th POR
SF A/B: 1st SUI, 2nd CRO, 3rd ESP, 4th AUT, 5th GBR, 6th SWE
SF A/B: 1st USA, 2nd IRL, 3rd CAN, 4th ITA, 5th DEN, 6th HUN
SF C/D: 1st RUS, 2nd GER, 3rd TUN, 4th POR
SF C/D: 1st FIN, 2nd NOR, 3rd MEX, 4th UKR
FD: 1st UKR, 2nd POR
FC: 1st RUS, 2nd FIN, 3rd GER, 4th NOR, 5th TUN, 6th MEX
FB: 1st AUT, 2nd ITA, 3rd GBR, 4th HUN, 5th SWE, 6th DEN
FA: 1st SUI (Pamela Weisshaupt) 7:43.26, 2nd IRL (Sinead Jennings) 7:43.81, 3rd CRO (Mirna Rajle Brodanac) 7:47.15, 4th USA (Julie Nichols) 7:47.18, 5th ESP (Teresa Mas de Xaxxars) 7:49.60, 6th CAN (Lindsay Jennerich) 8:01.25

Women's Lightweight Quad Scull
E1: 1st AUS, 2nd USA, 3rd GER, 4th DEN
E2: 1st POL, 2nd GBR, 3rd RUS, 4th HUN
R: 1st GBR, 2nd USA, 3rd DEN, 4th GER, 5th RUS, 6th HUN
FB: 1st RUS, 2nd HUN
FA: 1st AUS (as above) 6:36.41, 2nd POL (Bow: Monika Myszk, 2: Magdalena Kemnitz, 3: Weronika Deresz, Str: Ilona Mokronowska) 6:39.38, 3rd USA (Bow: Hannah Moore, 2: Rebecca Smith, 3: Wendy Tripician, Str: Elizabeth Peters) 6:40.77, 4th GBR (Bow: Sophie Hosking, 2: Andrea Dennis, 3: Laura Greenhalgh, Str: Jane Hall) 6:41.56, 5th GER (Bow: Lena Mueller, 2: Stephanie Wagner, 3: Anja Foelsch, Str: Katharina Harms) 6:45.39, 6th DEN (Bow: Helene Olsen, 2: Naja Holten Moeller, 3: Mia Espersen, Str: Helle Tibian) 6:47.16

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